You can buy the gayest version of The Babadook for Pride Month


In celebration of fictional monster Mister Babadook’s status as an unofficial gay mascot, IFC Midnight and Shout! Factory are releasing a Pride-themed limited edition of 2014 Australian filmThe Babadook.

It’s the gayest version yet of the film, which inspired an entire chapter of queer internet folklore.

As far as internet sleuths can tell, Mister Babadook’s status in the gay community started with a simple error on Netflix. In its early days on the streaming platform, the horror flick was miscategorized under the LGBT category. While the error was eventually fixed by Netflix, it was too late. The gay community had claimed the top-hatted monster as one of their own.

Despite no indication in the film that the shadowy manifestation of grief and loss is a homosexual, people online began circulating theories about the Babadook’s place in the LGBTQ community. Illustrations, stories, and music centering around the fabulous monster overtook any alternate theories. Whether or not Mister Babadook was gay before the internet got ahold of him, he sure as heck is now.