Why Nicole Kidman Didnt Object To Keith Urbans Embarrassing Song About Their Sex Life!

Nicole Kidman would never stand in the way of her husband’s artistry — even if it means the world knowing about her being a freak in the sheets.

In an interview on Breakfast With the Stars With Kyle & Jackie O, the Big Little Lies star was asked about Keith Urban’s famous track Gemini, in which he intimately describes their sex life.

On the song from his 10th studio album, Graffiti U, Urban sings that his famous wife is a “maniac in the bed, but a braniac in her head.” 

While some wives might object to their spicy bedroom proclivities being broadcast to the masses, Kidman says it all comes with the territory of being married to a musician — and, being an artist herself, that’s something she would never censor.

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She explained to the cohosts: 

“I don’t censor his art. If I can be a muse for it.”

Although the Emmy-winner admitted she found the shout out  a “little embarrassing,” she noted:

“[But] at the same time, yes it’s better than saying, ‘God, I’m so bored…Make an effort, Nicole.’”

Agreed! Though we can’t say we wouldn’t listen to a song titled Make An Effort, Nicole on repeat… ha!

When Kyle brought up another line from the Grammy-winner’s memorable track, “She’s waking to make love in the middle of the night,” the actress became a bit more flustered, responding: 

No, what?! You’re making that up, Kyle. Shut up. I’m not answering that, that’s outrageous.

Mmm… no, gurl, that line’s in there, too.

Kidman-approved or not, it turns out Urban wasn’t actually the brainiac behind the lyric about his wife.

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He previously credited co-writer Julia Michaels for coming up with the line in an interview with Rolling Stone, recalling:

She came up with it after me describing my wife. My first thought was, ‘I can’t say she’s a brainiac in her head,’ And [Michaels] goes, ‘You pretty much just did, just sing it.’ And I sang it in total playfulness, just tongue-in-cheek, and it just worked, so we kept it.”

Urban also explained that being married to a fellow artist was important “because we understand the passion and the responsibility of what we get to do.” Amongst other things, we presume….

His wife, for her part, will never censor the musician’s art or fail to support him — but apparently, she’s not listening to his songs in their entirety either.

Probably a brainiac move!

[Image via WENN]

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