‘Straight pride’ group removes Brad Pitt as mascot after backlash

The campaign, which has ties to far-right US groups and advocates for oppressed majority of heterosexuals, took down images of the actor A small group of men with ties to far-right groups who have applied for a license to hold a Straight Pride March in the US have taken down a photograph of Brad Pitt from their website after the actor complained. Three men, who call their campaign Super Happy Fun America, had adopted the actor as an unofficial mascot for the movement, which advocates on behalf of the straight community and describes straight people as an oppressed majority. The move follows a complaint by Pitts representatives, who confirmed to the Hollywood Reporter on Thursday that they had officially requested …

Mindy Kaling: I was so embarrassed about being a diversity hire

The star of The Office and The Mindy Project has defied typecasting by writing her own roles and working very hard. She talks about Late Night, her new film with Emma Thompson, remaking Four Weddings, and her own real life rom-com Oh my God, I cant believe youre doing it again, youre insane! I love it! But youre insane! Mindy Kaling cackles when she spots me waiting for her in a central London hallway and points to my large pregnant stomach. Kaling and I first met when I Inside Out, and I was doing some interviews while pregnant. Whereas most celebrities have forgotten the face of the journalist who interviewed them before they have even left the room, let alone …

Booksmart director Olivia Wilde: Being young is the most painful, most hilarious experience

The American star on re-energising the high-school movie with her directorial debut Olivia Wildes directing debut, Elizabeth Warren. Have you seen or read anything recently that you loved?My favourite book I read this year was [the memoir] Original Article : HERE ; The Ultimate Survival Food: The Lost Ways

Amazing Grace review soul-shaking gospel from Aretha Franklin

A spellbinding performance by the singer is captured in Sydney Pollacks 1972 film The 1970s may have been the heyday of the rock concert film, but the genre was frequently marred by questionable performances and legal squabbles. Whether its Led Zeppelin going off the boil in the wrangle-ridden The Song Remains the Same or the Rolling Stones finding themselves stars of an unfolding horror movie in the Maysless The Last Waltz, captured the Band as they were splitting up, cementing the genres long-standing funereal affiliations and serving as inspiration for Rob Reiners nail-in-the-coffin mockumentary Original Article : HERE ; The Ultimate Survival Food: The Lost Ways