Meghan McCain Goes Rogue, Blasts Feckless Unpatriotic Republicans Supporting Trumps Syria Pullout

During Mondays broadcast of ABCs chatfest The View, conservative co-host Meghan McCain took a few moments to address President Donald Trumps Sunday night decision to abandon the American militarys Kurdish allies in Syria to pave the way for a Turkish attack, slamming Republicans supporting the move and suggesting its a wag the dog situation to distract from impeachment.

With Mondays show largely focused on longtime liberal host Joy Behars birthday celebration, McCain said during a short segment that she was going a little bit rogue because she was so mad about the news that the United States will abandon Kurdish fighters.

These are allies of ours that American soldiers are still continuing to fight alongside, McCain declared. All we did was arm them, and they fought for America.

And to everyone in the White House and every Republican who was mad when President Obama pulled out of Iraq, you feckless unpatriotic cowards! she further raged. What message is this sending to our allies and American troops who have fought and died for this?!

Following the presidents announcement, a number of Republicans and Trump loyalistsincluding Meghans family friend Lindsey Grahamhave pushed back, calling the decision a catastrophic mistake that is unnerving and irresponsible. Trump, meanwhile, has defended the move while further claiming that in his great and unmatched wisdom he will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey if they do anything he considers off-limits.

McCain went on to say that this is a great day for ISIS and Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad before once again saying anyone who supports this decision should be ashamed of themselves. Behar, meanwhile, wanted to know why the administration decided to make this move now.

He ran on isolationism, which again, I think is bad for a whole variety of reasons," McCain replied, before suggesting it could be a wag the dog situation in order to distract the public from the Ukraine scandal.

Later on, with the panel noting that Trumps defenders seem far more upset about the Syria pullout than Trump asking a foreign leader to interfere in our elections, McCain pointed out that she feels the same way.

I am more upset than the Ukraine call about this, she exclaimed. I dont care what that makes me.

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