Game of Thrones Left a Starbucks Coffee Cup in a Scene and Its Hilarious

In The Last of the Starks, the fourth episode (and third-to-last!) of Game of Thrones eighth and final season, our heroes have gathered for a celebration to celebrate Arya Starks gravity-defying heroism in the Battle of Winterfell and toast the fallen.

Jaime, Tyrion, Pod and Brienne engage in a fun lil Westerosi spin on Never Have I Ever, with the newly minted knight confessing shes a virgin, much to the interest of the Kingslayer. The Hound has a nice bonding moment with the equally cynical Sansa, the savviest person left standing. And life of the party Tormund Giantsbanes traded in giants breast milk for ale, chugging it out of a Viking horn. Hes even managed to get a rise out of pussy-whipped Jon Snow who, despite his royal reservations, appears to relish others singing his praises.

The only person who doesnt seem to be having a good ol time is Daenerys Targaryen, salty over all the adulation toward Jon (given his lineage/claim to the throne) and skeptical of Sansas maneuvering.

Perhaps it was because instead of partaking in the booze, the Mother of Dragons was instead sipping Starbucks coffee:

Yes, as you can plainly see, the makers of Game of Thrones left a Starbucks coffee cup in front of Dany during the Battle of Winterfell celebrationin multiple shots.

For one of the most meticulously crafted shows in TV history (just ask George W. Bush), its either an outrageous oversight or nice little Easter egg for eagle-eyed fans.

Its anyones guess, really.

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