FAKKU is rereleasing this cult classic adult dating sim from 1995

Only a few adult visual novels (or eroge games) were localized from Japan to the U.S. during the 1990s. One of the most memorable includedTrue Love Junai Monogatari, which follows a19-year-old college students romantic endeavors with his classmates and acquaintances. But after becoming abandonware during the 2000s, one American publisher is finally rereleasingTrue Love in English.

On Tuesday, FAKKU shared a trailer for True Love 95, the adult visual novels first-ever English rerelease. The game will be available soon on the hentai distributors site, the announcement explains, in celebration of the games 25th anniversary. Originally for MS-DOS, Windows 95, and PC-98, youll be able to find True Love once again, FAKKU teased on Twitter.

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