CNN Fact-Checker Points Out This Telltale Sign When Donald Trump Lies

CNN’s fact-checking reporter Daniel Dale has pointed out what he believes is a surefire way to know if President Donald Trump is about to tell a tall tale.

On Tuesday’s broadcast of “Newsroom,” Dale told host Brooke Baldwin that Trump is usually about to lie “if he tells a story in which someone calls him “sir.”

Dale cited as evidence a baseless claim that Trump made, about Twitter making it harder to follow him, in an interview with Fox NewsTucker Carlson that aired Monday.

Trump told Carlson:

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I have so many people coming up, they say, ‘Sir, it’s so hard. They make it hard to follow.’ What they’re doing is wrong and possibly illegal, and a lot of things are being looked at right now.

“‘Sir’ equals untruth,” Baldwin responded to Dale’s point.

Dale wrote in The Washington Post last year how “you can almost sense when a lie is coming” after listening to Trump “long enough.”

“If Trump tells a story in which an unnamed person calls him ‘sir,’ it’s probably invented,” said the former reporter for The Toronto Star. “If Trump claims he has set a record, he probably hasn’t. If Trump cites any number at all, the real number is usually smaller.”

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 Check out the segment here:

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